The problem with a home security system is it messes with the aesthetic and overall look of the home. It is for this reason that so many homeowners refuse to get one for their home and why manufacturers have been hard at work trying to come up with a viable solution. Below are a few tips for homeowners to follow.

  1. Go Wireless

If you ask any interior designer one piece of advice when it comes to securing your property without sacrificing its beauty, the first thing they’ll recommend is to go wireless on all your security equipment. There has never been a more unsightly addition to your home than wires. In fact, many home entertainment furniture pieces were designed to hide the wires from the appliances. Now that we have the technological capabilities to go without wires in some of our components, why not take full advantage of that?

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

A CCTV or spy camera is always going to look ugly. Only a very select few have been made with consideration to design philosophy. Going to your local electronic shop won’t afford you any gems. The best that you can do is simply concealing it. Lucky for you, a whole industry is dedicated to making many cameras discreet and inconspicuous. You can fit a camera inside a desk alarm clock, or inside a USB adapter.

  • Broadcast it

If your property needs a special kind of camera that can’t be hidden, you might as well accept its presence and make it known to the entire world. In fact, experts even suggest doing this since the sight of an ominous and all-seeing camera is enough to stop people from committing any crimes. Also, don’t try to blend it into its surrounding. Make those cameras purposefully contrast to create juxtapose of beauty and technology.

  • Secure Windows

The only way that people could secure their windows in the past was to install prison-like bars. Imagine having to replace a beautiful classic window with metals bars just to increase the home’s security. No need to resort to that barbarism anymore. Advances in technology have allowed glass-break sensors to become quite popular. Attach these gadgets to your windows and if the glass is deliberately broken it will sound an alarm and even alert you and the authorities.

  • Door Security

Back in the day, before people knew anything about what a spy camera is, doors had tiny little holes for people to check who’s at the door before opening it. The problem with this is you have to approach the door which only alerts the person on the other side, letting them know you’ve come to check. A modern and design solution is installing a smart video doorbell. These are compact gadgets that allow you to see who’s at the door on your smartphone.

  • More Door Security

What use is a smart doorbell if your door’s lock is deficient? A boost in security usually means using smart or electronic door locks, either through a keypad or a keyless lock. To avoid your front door looking like a bank vault, some keypads are hidden behind a metal plate to keep the design integrity of your front door and porch intact. If you want a more traditional door lock mechanism, make sure you’re using one that is jimmy-proof.

  • Use a Nanny Camera

CCTVs are great and all but the problem is they are fixed facing one particular spot. And if you want to adjust their viewing range you’ll have to get up to the ceiling to manually move the camera. With enough cameras, you could potentially cover almost all areas of the house but not fully. For a more mobile monitoring option, why not get a nanny camera? These are usually battery operated and could even connect to the WiFi network for live streaming. A nanny camera can be easily moved and repositioned to cover the blind spots of your CCTV.

  • Go Audio

If you feel like you already have enough spy cameras in your home but still feel you need a little more security, forego another spy camera. Instead, use an audio recorder. Cameras typically have very bad audio recordings so you might see what people are doing but not what they’re saying. Hiding small audio recorders in public places like the living room or dining room will give video footage a little more context.

  • Rely on Nature

For hundreds, even thousands, of years, the only way that people could maintain the aesthetics of their home while increasing security was with the help of nature. People planted thick bushes and thorny hedges to make it more difficult to get to their property. You could do the same. You can plant thick and painful greenery right beside your perimeter fence to make it harder for intruders to gain access. Having a pet is also nature’s way of alerting you when a stranger comes in uninvited.


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