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Sl No.General User Interface 
27Open last used explorerAlt + Ctrl + Q
28Open MAXScript listenerF11
29Maximise viewportAlt + W
30Select invertCtrl + I
31Place highlightCtrl + H
32Select by name/select from sceneH
33Select noneCtrl + D
34Isolate selectionAlt + Q
35Select ancestorPage Up
36Select childPage Down
38Adaptive degradationO
39Expert modeCtrl + X
40Zoom modeAlt + Z
41Zoom extents (single Viewport)Ctrl + Alt + Z
42Zoom extents (all Viewports)Ctrl + Shift + Z
43Zoom selected (all Viewports)Z
45ZoomCtrl+A­lt+MMB or Scroll MMB
46Arc rotate view modeCtrl + R
47Undo scene operationCtrl + Z
48Redo scene operationCtrl + Y
49Undo viewport operationShift + Z
50Redo viewport operationShift + Y
51Show safeframesShift + F
52Show statistics7
53Auto key modeN
54Hide/show camerasShift + C
55Hide/show geometryShift + G
56Hide/show helpersShift + H
57Hide/show lightsShift + L
58Hide/show particle systemsShift + P
59Hide/show shapesShift + S
60Hide/show space warpsShift + W
61Display as see-throughAlt + X

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