In this blog there is brief description about 3ds max shortcut keys

Sl NoGeneral User Interface 
1New sceneCtrl + N
2Shade selected facesF2
3Wirefr­ame­/smooth & highlightsF3
4View edged facesF4
5Selection lockSpace
7Add to selectionCtrl + LMB
8Remove from selectionAlt + LMB
12Hide gridsG
14Angle snapA
15Percent snapCtrl + Shift + P
16Create camera from viewCtrl + C
17Restrict movement along specific axisF5 – F7
18Restrict plane cycleF8
19Render lastF9
20Quick renderShift + Q
21Render scene dialogueF10
22Render to texture dialogue0 (zero)
23Material editorM
24Particle view6
25Enviro­nment and effects dialogue8
26Open advanced lighting panel9

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