In this blog there are shortcuts which are useful in Power point

1Ctrl+NCreate a new blank presentation 20Ctrl+F or HOpen Find or Find/Replace
2Ctrl+OOpen an existing presentation 21Ctrl+Shift+>Increase the front size of selected text
3Ctrl+WClose current presentation 22Ctrl+Shift+<Decrease the font size of selected text
4Ctrl+SSave the active presentation 23F5Start slide show from first slide
5F12Open the save as dialogue box 24Shift +F5Start slide show from current slide
6Ctr+ZUndo the last action 25Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
7Ctrl+YRedo the last action 26F7Open Spellcheck
8Ctrl+ASelect all text and objects 27Shift+F7Use the thesaurus
9Ctrl+CCopy selected text or objects 28Esc or HyphenEnd the slide show
10Ctrl+VPaste selected text or objects 29Spacebar or NAdvance to next slide
11Ctrl+PPrint slides 30BackspaceReturn to previous slide
12Ctrl+BApply or Remove bold 31BDisplay a black slide
13Ctrl+IApply or Remove Italic 32WDisplay a white slide
14Ctrl+UApply or Remove Underline 33Alt+UMute Sound
15Ctrl+RRight align text 34PGo back to the previous slide
16Ctrl+LLeft align text 35EnterPerform next action
17Ctrl+ECentre align text 36Ctrl+Shift+GGroup Objects
18Ctrl+JJustify text 37Ctrl+Shift+HUngroup Objects
19Ctrl+MAdd a new slide 38Shift+F3Change case text
20Ctrl+XCut the selected text or Objects 40Ctrl+F1Hide or Show Ribbon

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